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Board of Trustees

The Board consists of five elected members who serve two-year terms. The Board of Trustees and the Directors(s) meet together at least once each month, with the possible exclusion of July. Additional meetings are held as needed. Individuals may serve no more than two (2) consecutive terms as a Trustee. However, there shall be no life-time limit as to the total number of terms served by an individual. Trustees take office on the 1st of January following their election. An elected Trustee cannot assume his/her position until cleared for office by a background check. If you are interested in being a candidate and would like information on the duties of the Trustees, please feel free to contact Tori, Verna Jo or current members.


In accordance with the Bylaws, nominations for the Board are held in November of each year and elections are held in December. There must be two names as candidates for each of the open Trustee positions. You may contact Lyndia Carter personally with suggested candidates or suggest names on the days when a member of the Nomination Committe will ask for membership suggestions at lunch time.


All members of the Senior Center are eligible to vote. Opportunities for all who wish to vote will be provided, including absentee ballots, early voting, and assistance in casting ballots for those with disabilities, as well as election-day voting. Voting will cease at 1:00 p.m. on election day, after which all ballots will be counted. Results shall be announced and posted by the following business day. Four election judges appointed from the general membership will supervise the election process and ballots will be counted at least twice and then will be kept on file for thirty (30) days.

Appointed Positions

The Board of Trustees appoints individuals from the general membership to the positions of secretary, treasurer, recorder, and to other positions as required for the efficient operation of the organization.

The Secretary is the custodian of the corporate records. The Treasurer reconciles the checking account when the statement is received, keeps a monthly report of all financial transactions, prepares a year-end financial report, presents monthly and year-end financial reports to the Governing Board and prepares tax reports. The Recorder makes a written record of minutes at all meetings of the Governing Board, presents the previous meeting’s minutes for approval then makes any corrections to the minutes, and posts the approved minutes within two (2) business days for the membership’s information.

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