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Springville Senior Center as it is today:

Springville Senior Center 2014

Before it existed, however, the Opera House was located on the site:

  Opera House until 1929 fire.
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Opera House is in the background



Some published history on the Opera House/Memorial Hall (1908-1929).


After that burned down, members of American Legion Post 28 felt the ruins were a hazard and they made a proposal:

  American Legion Post Proposal
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Reconstruction of Memorial Hall from ruins of the Opera house


The building not only hosted American Legion Post 28 activities, it also hosted community activities:

    Uses by National Guard and verteran groups, and for dances, meetingsg by service organizations, and annual Santa arrival
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Barn Dance ad

For engineering/architect enthusiasts, the following is a description of the building itself.

Art Deco style building


A brief history of the Springville-Mapleton Senior Center from 1963-1998.

It is also interesting to note that it has been designated as an historic site.

Historical Site Certificate, 1991

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