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Volunteer Positions

Volunteer form for the Springville Senior Center!

Silverware Wrapping: Assists the kitchen staff with wrapping forks and knives in napkins for use by patrons during lunch (whenever you can!).

Entertainment Committee: Searching for volunteers to be on an ongoing committee to find entertainment for senior center parties and events.

Party Planning: Do you like to party? Looking for people to help plan and carry out special events.

Volunteer Recognition: Looking for an individual to help recognize through awards, media articles and other avenues the wonderful volunteers we have at the Senior Center. 

Creative Writing Instructor: The creative writing class meets weekly at the Senior Center. Looking for individual(s) willing to lead the class. You may volunteer to lead the group every week, once a month, or just one time as a special event.   

Decorating Project: A new concept for decorating the main hall is in the works?  Would you be willing to help it all come together?

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