Open Pottery Studio

The pottery studio at SSC may be used when there are no other activities taking place in the room.

Patrons using the studio during open hours must:

  • Have completed the beginning class or have teacher approval
  • Sign up in advance (call 801-489-8738 or email
  • Be able to work without instructor assistance
  • Clean up after themselves and check-out with SSC staff before leaving.
  • Use clay purchased at the Senior Center. ($8 for 12 lb.)

Patrons will be charged $7 for a 2-hour block of time even if they only use a portion of that time.

Open studio patrons will have use of the pottery room tools, electric wheels, and table space. Additionally, for each 2-hour block of time purchased, patrons will receive 30 cubic inches of kiln space for firing projects. Additional kiln space may be purchased. Unfortunately, use of SSC glazes is not available during open studio time. Individuals are welcome to bring their own low-fire glazes if they wish.