Frequently Asked Questions- Trips

Do I need to be a member of the Senior Center to go on trips? Yes. Because of limited space and liability, membership is required to participate in our trips. There are rare instances where families or friends are invited to participate and that will be stated on the trip flyers. Individuals who are not members of the Springville Senior Center will be required to sign a waiver before participating.

What if I am sick/busy/etc. and can’t make it on the trip? Do you offer refunds? Unless otherwise stated on the trip flyer, refunds are available with 72-hour notice unless tickets have already been purchased for the activity. If tickets have been purchased, you will receive a refund only if you can find someone to take your place. If the Senior Center cancels the trip for any reason, full refunds will be made.

How do we get to the activity? Do you have a bus? The Senior Center has a 12-passenger van that transports people on many of the trips. Other times a large bus is chartered. We often have trips that are near Springville where we meet at the location. Please read the trip flyer carefully to see if transportation is included in the trip.

Do I need to bring extra money? Please read the trip flyer to see what is included with the cost of the trip. Usually meals are not included, but sometimes they are! It would be smart to have some money available for small purchases or for gratuities.

Can I bring snacks? To keep our van nice for future riders, we have instituted a strict no food or drinks policy. Water is always acceptable. If there is food or drink snuck into the van and spilled, there will be a $150 charge for detailing. This is a difficult rule, but please help us out by understanding that we are doing it to keep things nice for everyone.

Do I need to tip? Please bring a few extra dollars to tip the driver if you are being transported. If the meal is included in the cost of the trip, the gratuity is included. If you are purchasing your own meal, please tip generously. Waiting on a group is hard work.

Will there be restroom breaks? We schedule a restroom stop at least every 2 hours. Unfortunately, traffic or unforeseen circumstances may make it longer than that.

What if I’m alone? Do I need to have a friend or partner to go with me? Sign up! Some of the best friendships are made on our trips because of the relaxed atmosphere. Some activities lead to more socialization than others. If you’re nervous about being alone, trips with a guided tour, tickets to a show or other activities that are group oriented might be a better fit than (for example) a museum without a guided tour where people are on their own to explore.